Compares Two Groups of Files or Directory

how we compares two groups of files or directory to find information that does not match eachother with the fast way?

Here is the trick:

use command promt (DOS) in Windows OS

the command is :

COMP [d:][path][filename] [d:][path][filename] [/A][/C][/D][/L][/N:(number)]

/A – Displays the differences found between compared files as characters.
/C – Performs a comparison that is not case-sensitive.
/D – Displays the differences found between compared files in decimal format. (The default format is hexadecimal.)
/L – Displays the number of the line where the difference occurred, rather than the byte offset.
/N:(number) – Allows you to enter the number of lines in both files that will be compared, even if the files are of different sizes.


Example :

COMP D:\alamzyah\ C:\uchie\ /A

(to compare file inside two diferent directory)


COMP D:\alamzyah\filename.txt C:\uchie\filename.txt /A

(to compare two text file in two diferent directory, and also can be use in other file type that the command promt can read).


After all pairs specified have been compared, COMP will display

Compare more files (Y/N)?

To enter more files to compare, press the letter Y key. To terminate the comparisons, press the letter N key.

if we want to record all compared file in text file, we can use the command bellow :


COMP D:\alamzyah\ C:\uchie\ /A > compare.txt


COMP D:\alamzyah\ C:\uchie\ /A > compare.txt

Thats all we have to do !!

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Name : Alamsyah Nick Name : Alamzyah Place of Birth : Jakarta, 04 June 1983 sex : Male Religion : Moslem Region : Jakarta, Indonesia Specialist : IT, Computer mail :

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