sys.database_principals (Transact-SQL)

sys.database_principals (Transact-SQL)

Returns a row for each principal in a database.

Column name Data type Description
name sysname Name of principal, unique within the database.
principal_id int ID of principal, unique within the database.
type char(1) Principal type:

S = SQL user

U = Windows user

G = Windows group

A = Application role

R = Database role

C = User mapped to a certificate

K = User mapped to an asymmetric key

type_desc nvarchar(60) Description of principal type.








default_schema_name sysname Name to be used when SQL name does not specify schema. Null for principals not of type S, U, or A.
create_date datetime Time at which the principal was created.
modify_date datetime Time at which the principal was last modified.
owning_principal_id int ID of the principal that owns this principal. All principals except Database Roles must be owned by dbo.
sid varbinary(85) SID (Security Identifier) if the principal is defined external to the database (type S, U, and G). Otherwise, NULL.
is_fixed_role bit If 1, then this row represents an entry for one of the fixed database roles: db_owner, db_accessadmin, db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_ddladmin, db_securityadmin, db_backupoperator, db_denydatareader, db_denydatawriter.