Make Hidden Files re-appear in Windows OS

If our file in windows OS get hidden because effect some virus which attack our Computer, we can make it re appears by using this technique
1. Click Start – Run 

2. In the Run box dialogs .. Typing CMD

3. So the box will open  Command Promt

4. Once the box is open Command Promt .. Type the Location Name in our Drive or Disk where our file get hidden by some virus. Example C:\alamzyah [Enter],

5. After in our destination Drive .. Then Type attrib -s -h *.* /s /d and then [Enter].

6. Attrib hidden process is running …

7. After the process finish, the Hidden Files … It will appear …

8. Well .. file already appears, the Hidden files that cause by Virus Affected just re-appears …

About alamzyah
Name : Alamsyah Nick Name : Alamzyah Place of Birth : Jakarta, 04 June 1983 sex : Male Religion : Moslem Region : Jakarta, Indonesia Specialist : IT, Computer mail :

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