Define Version of .Net Framework in IIS 7 Web Server (Under Windows 7)

To define version of .Net Framework that we use in IIS 7 Webserver (depend on what .Net technology we use for our web apps), we can setup our IIS 7 webserver setting, it’s not much that we have to do, the only thing we have to change is just adjust setting of the .net version in our IIS webserver, the whole steps will be explain below :

–          Go to the “Control Panel “, Start > Control Panel

–          Choose “Administrative Tools”

–          Then choose “Internet Information Services”

–          After the IIS 7 windows appear go to the right menu, then choose “Change .Net Framework Version”

–          After new windows appeared, we can choose which the .Net Framework that we want to use for our IIS 7 Web server

–          Then Press “OK”

That’s All, just keep it simple