Urban layout web design

Hello friends

The Talk-Mania Team wants to thank you for a great 2007, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2008. We plan to add more tutorials than last year, and to create a few new websites for you.

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Today i will create Tutorial Number 142 from 500 Tutorial Marathon
I will show you how to create a Urban layout. You can use this type of layout if you plane to start a web design company

Please make a new document. size should be 760×770 Pixels. Use a White background for this document

Open this image in Photoshop.

Then duplicate the layer. to duplicate the layer be sure you have the background layer selected, then press on CTRL+J

After you have a safety copy please go to Filter > Sketch > Photocopy and use the following values

now press on CTRL+I ( invert ). You will have something like me

With Eraser tool , try to delete the imperfection from your image, and the bottom part of the image
My result

Select Rectangle Tool and create a simple shape with black color. place the shape like me

Now please go to www.photo-shop-brush.com ( a Talk-Mania Website ) and download some brushes which you think are good for our next job
I am going to delete some parts of this black shape, after i rasterize the shape
To rasterize the shape please go to Layer > Rasterize > Shape

This is my result

If you have Talk-Mania Big-Pack You can easily find some brushes.
Next step is to create another details

I will download the following sets of brushes:
Abstract Brushes
Splatter Brushes

I will load this brushes in Photoshop, and i will start adding some more details
Please create a new layer each time you are trying to add more details.
To create a new layer please press on CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N

You can see on the next image that i have used a simple brush with some nice arrows.

After that i have used some small brush circles and i have created a lot of different circles.
If you look carefully you can notice that i have used only 2-3 brushes, but with different sizes

In the next image you can see a similar design for the bottom part of our layout. i have created this type of drawings very simple.I will alternate the color of my brush. One time i will use black, one time i will use white.
For this steps i really can not show you how it is done. just use your imagination and use different brush sizes

I will use another set of brushes for the left part of the layout. some brushes are included in Talk-Mania Big-pack, and some are free

Now i will add some text on the left side of our layout

After that i will add another text for the body of our layout


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