Web design layout tutorial

Create a new document 800×800 with a black background, select the color #01afee and create a rectangle. Once you have your rectangle press “CTRL + T”, now rotate your rectangle like this.

Now for this part you need some “splatter brushes” EITHER search yahoo or goto a site like brusheasy and download a set, once you have them make some randam splatters over your canvas, using the colors blue and black.

Select the type tool and add your site title and slogan.

Now if you have used two colors like mine above for your title then select one of the colors and add a splatter. If you have used white then you can just use a white splatter, you should have something like this.

Select the type tool again and add your navigation, use free transform (CTRL + T) to rotate the text.

Now im going add 3 sections to my main page which will be “news & updates”, “tutorials” & “latest work”, by the side of each of these 3 sections im going have a different icon, ALL of which are chosen from adobes custom shapes menu.

Now under each section im going to add some content.

Once you have your content in place, select a different color, im going to use the same color green i used for my title and add a big splatter at the bottom of the page.

Here i shall add my footer information.

Now last but not least, add some more black splatters around your content.

When your finsihed you should have something like this.

About alamzyah
Name : Alamsyah Nick Name : Alamzyah Place of Birth : Jakarta, 04 June 1983 sex : Male Religion : Moslem Region : Jakarta, Indonesia Specialist : IT, Computer mail : alamzyah@gmail.com

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