Translator for Our Website

translate our website content into a different language

The way that our website can be read by others who use different language with us is just put this script into our website HTML script, we can put it on inside the <body> tag.

Here is the script (in this case we transalte from English into Bahasa (indonesian language) :

<a href=“> Bahasa Indonesia</a>

you can change into your own website or blog

the point is, we can change one language to another language that we want,  just by manipulate the script below :

1. hl is about the language, the Google Translate webpage itself will be rendered in (guess: hl; means “hailing language” or “hallo language”)

2. sl is about the source language for the translation.

3. tl is about the termination language. (i.e. the output/destination of the translation)

you can check the country code to fill out hl, sl and tl here

thats all we have to do

for another language :

About alamzyah
Name : Alamsyah Nick Name : Alamzyah Place of Birth : Jakarta, 04 June 1983 sex : Male Religion : Moslem Region : Jakarta, Indonesia Specialist : IT, Computer mail :

4 Responses to Translator for Our Website

  1. alamzyah says:

    Which part that doesn’t work for you?

  2. Ira Barbosa says:

    Hi, thanks a ton much to the fun post. I was hoping to add your Feed but unfortunately it never appear to be being employed by me. Exist other folks possessing problem? I’ll return everyday possibly even to update. Regardless thanks considerably again for any piece.

  3. alamzyah says:

    well thanks ^^, i will as possible as i could to update my blog..

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